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Trujillo's track 'L0v3' released on Planet Trip's Ordinary Dreams Vol 1

Sydney-based Mike Who of Planet Trip Records released the label's first comp, Ordinary Dreams Vol 1, featuring a "collection of micro holiday audio tours from good humans around the world covering everything from hazy balearic trips, hypnotic midtempo melters, dubbed out vocoder jams, broken beat and house. Suitable for melting into your couch, a seaside sedative excursion or hopefully shared on a dancefloor once we get out the other side of this."

Trujillo provided the track 'L0v3'. Listen to the whole album or buy it on Bandcamp, preferably on Bandcamp Friday.

"100% of all sales from this release will be donated to Deadly Connections, a local Indigenous-led org who provide culturally responsive interventions and services to First Nations people and communities, particularly those who have been impacted by the child protection and/or justice systems. To find out more about Deadly Connections and ways you can donate direct go to"

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