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Trujillo releases Vinicio Adames' Al Comienzo del Camino on TrueClass Records

Trujillo and Claas Brieler are influenced by many diverse genres and sounds. Coming from opposite sides of the world - Venezuela and Germany - their different heritage and cultural surroundings have shaped each of them separately, but on their new label TrueClass Records they aim to bring together the best of both worlds.

As such they are pleased to present a complete restoration of the masters for Vinicio Adames' 'Al Comienzo Del Camino', out now in stores and on Bandcamp.

The self-produced and self-financed album was released in Venezuela only. Amongst music lovers worldwide the album has been long unheard, though a classic recording in its home country it remained a hidden gem, elusive to find and only available in its original Vinyl format.

I was twenty-three years old and I wanted to make an album. Even though I already had presentations with good public acceptance, the record labels in my country were not interested in the kind of music I was making. I composed electronic music pieces and organized performances with the inclusion of other artistic resources like photographic projections and audiovisual arts in the gallery. I belonged to a generation of young artists – all friends – that made art with very few resources, movies in super8 format, photography developed in home laboratories, presentation of theatrical plays and performances in the gardens, and the use of their own homes as locations for experimental movies.

So, I decided to make my album the same way. I relied on some equipment that I used for my presentations: A keyboard synthesizer Roland Juno-60, a Roland SDE-2000 Digital Delay, an electronic drum machine Roland TR-808 with a Mattel Synsonics Drumpad and one microphone Sennheiser MD421. I had all this installed in a small studio in my house, equipped with an analog recording system consisting of an eight-track ½” Tascam 38 Reel To Reel Recorder and a Fostex 350 mixer.

I remember it was a real self-production in all senses!. I composed all the songs, wrote all the lyrics but one, executed track over track, sang all the songs, in the mix I added samples of the video game Intellivision, some classical music tapes in reverse and even designed the cover and the center stamp of the vinyl with an Apple Macintosh, one of the first that arrived in Venezuela. I also paid myself for the production of the record, 1000 copies were made. The album was mixed by Miguel Noya. We finished by the beginning of the year 1984. I was very proud to have achieved it and full of hope, I had a glimpse of the beginning of my career, so I named it: ‘Al Comienzo del Camino’. (At the beginning of the Journey).

This is how, thirty-five years later, Vinicio Adames remembers the production and birth of his first album. And certainly it was the beginning of a long and productive professional career, that has given form to more than a hundred pieces of work, including soundtracks for movies, videos, and commercials for television.

The “Al Comienzo Del Camino” reissue includes a complete restoration and remastering work by Arnold Kasar at the renowned Calyx Mastering Studios in Berlin, Germany, and has been beautifully redesigned by Barcelona based, Venezuelan designer Joaquín Urbina aka Dedo Ciego.

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