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Tickets for Ritmo Fantasía at Doka on 29 October 2021

To celebrate the release of his compilation Ritmo Fantasía on Soundway Records, Trujillo invites you to jump back in time with him to a pleasure-fuelled night where synthesised rhythms meet Balearic riffs and 80s drummachines abound.

29 October at Doka, Amsterdam

Trujillo invites Shady Lady & Millos Kaiser


FB event | RA event

  • 18:00 - 23:59

  • Limited amount of tickets at the door available

  • A valid covid-19 recovery certificate, vaccination certificate, or negative test certificate is required to access this show. If if you have any symptoms, please get tested (even when vaccinated).

Shady Lady Shady Lady, a Sydney-born, Amsterdam-based DJ, time-travels across genres with funky basslines and lyric-laden 1970s disco, 80s italo and all manner of house music. She matches her sound with a high energy and brightly coloured show of dance moves, extravagant outfits and lip syncs. But dive beneath the ever-entertaining surface and you’re met with a reverence for disco, house music and the queer culture it was born from.

Millos Kaiser

Brazilian DJ Millos Kaiser has cultivated an approach to DJing that is lighthearted and playful whilst maintaining a subtle sophistication that sets him apart. His sets are known for traversing through Brazilian street soul to eighties synth workouts and the proto-baile funk oddities he explores in his Worldwide FM show ‘Rio Love’. Often weaving in edits like the ones he released on L.I.E.S. last year, Millos follows an aesthetic he describes as “never too polished, always melodic, sometimes tropical and sometimes dark.” Trujillo DJ and producer Trujillo’s trajectory from Venezuela to Berlin is as colourful as his music. His well-honed sense of soul, disco and tropical 80s house rhythms comes paired with an unparalleled devotion to digging up dusty dance floor heat that gets even the chin strokers’ hips shaking. Trujillo runs the label True Class and has in the past year contributed a myriad of edits and original tracks to releases from Running Hot, Eternal Love & Burro Studio, Planet Trip, El Guiri, Bayetë and Apersonal. He spent the last ten years digging for the treasure that has become Ritmo Fantasía, and a further three working together with Soundway to piece its dazzling puzzle pieces together.


Doka is the homebase for immersive – sonic –experiences. The underground and intimate sound bar is the place where nightlife, music and other forms of culture blend together.


Wibautstraat 150

1091 GR Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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