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Operator Radio ♥ Nedda Sou

Nedda Sou has graced Operator Radio's Staff Picks lists a couple of times, with her September and February shows garnering her high praise (Osman: "Stretched mixes, energy on 100 the whole way through, and a great selection of house grooves. My go-to mix in February deff!! I am in urgent need of those parties where you could dance and vibe to this genre the whole night and this reminded me or really took me to that kind of dancefloor.")

Operator Radio have also just launched a new feature: an interview series with their residents. They asked Nedda a few questions and the responses are sure to put a smile on your face. Young Nedda drumming with spoons in the kitchen with her mum, current Nedda's bank account after a music splurge, and huge words of wisdom: "you can't separate the technique from the culture, because then it becomes this very flat thing".

Swipe for the full interview:

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