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Mendel releases an edit on The Patchouli Brothers' Spare Change comp

The compilation collated by the Patchouli brothers features edits by Mendel, Dicky Trisco & Pete Herbert and Queen & Disco. All sales from this Bandcamp exclusive will go to Eva's Initiatives, supporting homeless youth in Toronto. Eva’s, the legacy of Eva Maud Smith, a Jamaican immigrant who became the matriarch of her community in Toronto, is an organization that not only provides shelter, but also transitional housing and programming to help youth move into stabilized homes and employment. Eva’s offers shelter, housing, street outreach, counselling, training and life skills programs. If you want more info, visit

"Mendel’s 'Rainbow', is a string laden groove. Full of feel good passion it’s a real peak-time hands in the air moment." Le Visiteur

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