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Mendel edits Germannu and Váleria for Notes on A Journey

"An edit pays tribute to the original by trimming and rearranging the song in a way that it works for today's dancefloor or listening habits.

Delfonic and Mendel are two outspoken specialists in this and understand the edit craft like no one else."

Mendel & Delfonic re-edit classics by Germannu & Valéria for a Notes on a Journey 12" limited to 300 copies.

On the one hand there are two new editions of Germannu's «Fale De Mim» and one edit each for «Marcação» and «Pé na Estrada» by Valéria. Four times the very finest in soulful Brazilian pop music as one is now almost used to from Notes On A Journey.

«Fale De Mim» by Germannu, by the way, originally appeared in 1984 on the EP «Germannu» and was released in September 2020 by NOAJ as a lavish reissue.

The 4-track 7inch «Pé na Estrada» by Valéria originally came out in 1983 on the Brazilian label PPA (Paladar Produções Artisticas) and was re-released by NOAJ in November 2020. With «NOAJ Edits 01», a first absolute must-have edits package was put together.

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