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Mark Seven's Parkwerks Vol I Reviewed

On the immeasurable talent that is Mark Seven.

"And what a discography it is. The further you go back in time, the more it unravels. His 90s work very much contributed to the UK interpretation of house and techno, with releases under his Lemon Sol, Point Zero and Spira aliases, with the latter two in joint collab with Michael Sershall. His spectrum of sounds fed and delved into the boundless expressionism that permeated through UK dance music at the time, when everything felt possible and many a legendary producer and scene was making their mark. He then released 5 straight up techno records during 1998, as Mark Seven, before a decade long gap would proceed his next release, 2009’s ‘Travelogue’. And oh boy did this switch things up. A softer, more intricate beaty warmth now exuded from his music, a glow that left the listener sound in their hearts as well as their feet. Since then he has just rolled out properly beautiful and thought provoking house music, with tones and beats for days that show an artist with a new vision, built by years of listening, engaging and manipulating. Some select releases to check out include both his World Building releases, 2011’s ‘A Lesson In Love’ EP, 2014’s ‘The Call’, alongside all his excellent releases as Parkway Rhythm on his imprint Parkway Records. If you want a trip through genres that span lifetimes, experiences and emotions, then just give his stuff a go, its all pretty damn fucking good."

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