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In depth Interview: DGTL's Spotlight on Kléo

"Q. Your selections have been described as ‘bold and bright’. Do you think this is influenced by your background in art school?

A. I studied at the VAV department of the Gerrit Rietveld Académie in Amsterdam. VAV stood for ‘Voorheen AudioVisueel’ in Dutch, which means formerly audio-visual. Everything was possible here, it didn’t necessarily have to do with either audio or visual, nor with techniques but focused mainly on the power of concept. It was a very strong school of thought, which taught you to conceptualize above visualizing. I’ve always needed both music and art to balance each other - between feeling and thinking, intuition and conceptualisation. When I graduated from GRA, I had the urge to distance myself from conceptualization, I just needed to feel and let go. This is when I turned back to music, it felt so liberating to just play and not explain why. In my paintings, form is content,  I paint from patterns, repetitive structures, geometrical forms to mainly vehicles of color. Just like Frank Stella stated, “what you see is what you see”. My paintings ironically look digital, whilst it is all painstakingly hand-gridded almost like a weaved pattern, with hours and hours of repetitive painting. I’m mostly inspired by Abstraction and Minimalism. Somehow this resonates very closely to the kind of abstraction I look for in the electronic music I play - both of which are uncompromising, bright, bold, inviting and relentless. I guess this is where music and art intertwine for me. In both, I’m feeding my OCD with patterns, waves, vibration, colors, light/ temperature and frequencies."

Read the full interview here.

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