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Hellie's Voortouw on Echobox

The third episode of Hellie's Echobox radio show, 'Voortouw', has just been archived for playback.

Voortouw is a bi-monthly show in which she plays "mostly new-ish, but also oldies, Electronic Music, but not exclusively, produced and/or featuring mostly, if not all, women."

In the first episode, Hellie flew solo - introducing the concept of the show and playing two hours of banging femme sonics.

In the second episode, Hellie plays more womanmade music, including a premiere of the track Snow in April by Kamma and Gayance's track Kinda Strange. She then welcomes the inimitable Lenxi to perform songs from her new solo project live on air. Between the raw, ravey, punky songs, Hellie and Lenxi chat artistic process and the femme perspective.

In episode nr 3, Hellie plays her signature oldies and/or goldies by women, before being joined by a guest: "The second hour Gayance and I talk all things music production, navigating the music industry as a woman, capitalism, sexism, racism, and more… I mean… We went there!"

A brilliant meeting of minds and music.

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