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Gayance wins Best Musical Revelation of the year at Gala Dynastie

Gayance has just won a Gala Dynastie award for Best Musical Revelation of the year!

In the words of Gala Dynastie:

The tireless Aïsha Vertus, alias Gayance for those who know her as her artistic pseudonym. She combines content research (Pour Mes Fils Mon Silence est Impossible, Table Rase, Where Do You Come From) and journalism (On Dira Ce Qu'on Voudra, Nouveaux Sons, La Soirées est Encore Jeune, Le Bulletin des cousins). She produces and co-hosts the podcast ''Le Bulletin des Cousins'' with Julio Mendy. Since March 2021, she has offered us several original songs including ''Sirens'' in collaboration with KALLITECHNIS which appeared on BBC Radio 1, and a mini album of electronic music ''No Toning Down''. Aïsha is a woman who speaks her mind and for whom travel is the key to fulfilment. Aïsha is also a programming consultant for the POP Montreal Festival, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021. She wishes to be an example for all the ''Black Weirdos'' of this world. This is the kind of encouragement she transmits to the teenagers whom she teaches to DJ.

‍Gayance will release her full debut album this year. More info on that soon.

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