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Gayance announces release of her debut album

Gayance spilled some drops of tea to the Montreal Gazette about the release of her debut album this year.

“I tell people I’m pregnant,” said Gayance. “And they’re like, ‘Oh my god, you’re pregnant, Aïsha?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, creatively pregnant.’”After years of dabbling in different areas of the music scene, the Montreal DJ — whose real name is Aïsha Vertus — has added “producer” to her list of talents, and is set to release her debut album of globe-trotting grooves.

Read the full article, which spotlights a handful of Montreal artists ‘set to soar in 2022’, here.

More info on the release very soon. In the meantime, check out (and purchase on Bandcamp) Gayance’s EP No Toning Down, released in October, to give you just an inkling of what’s to come.

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