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Though he loves the peaks of a dance floor experience, Mendel’s favourite moments both in and outside of the booth are the gentle, the sensual, the sweet ones. He strives for the dance floor to be a place of safe expression, particularly for those whom society usually pushes to the sidelines. Less fist-pumping, more care, more footwork, more smooching. That’s not to say that his sets are low in energy. Mendel understands and builds energy into his sets like no other, creating hugely danceable journeys that often result in unforgettable moments of euphoria. From boat parties in Brazil, to his all-nighters at Djoon, Giant Steps and Radio Radio, when it all comes together Mendel’s sensitivity makes for ecstatic dance floor magic.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Mendel bought his first record player from a Waterloopplein market stall at the tender age of 10, excited to learn how to scratch. He played his first set at 15 in hip hop temple Cafe De Duivel. In these formative years, Mendel immersed himself in studying the origins of hip hop and arrived at funk and soul via the samples in his most-loved tracks. He got a job at Waxwell Records, a second-hand vinyl institution, and fell further in love with disco, boogie and house - the Black American sounds that have shaped him - as well as musical styles from even further afield. His sets nowadays reflect this broad spectrum of sounds; music that can be plucked from anywhere in the last fifty years, from obscure Japanese boogie, Brazilian samba and axé, Nigerian Afro-beat to American pop classics, all brought together with the meticulous mixes of a well-versed turntablist. 

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Mr Mendel


Rush Hour


Notes on a Journey




Amsterdam, NL

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2021: Wilson Boateng - Asew Watchman (Mendel remixes), Kalita Records

2021: NOAJ Edits 1, Notes on a Journey

2021: Jean-Paul Pognon - Limié (Mendel edit), Rush Hour

​2020: Jeannette Ndiaye ‎– Makom Ma Bobe, Kalita Records

2018: Seven Davis Jr - Rude (Mr Mendel remix), Secret Angels

2016: Mr Mendel, Street Edits

2015: Edits by Mr M, Basic Fingers

2014: Something Exciting, Lumberjacks in Hell

2014: Cosmic Feelings - Freakin', Banoffee Pie

2014: Boogie Volume 1 - Far Away, Lumberjacks in Hell

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