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Originally from the UK, Mark Seven now bases himself out of Stockholm where he runs the label Parkway Records. His

particular fascination is with the very early house records when flamboyant disco was first emulated with drum machines and other newly available technologies - the dawn of Chicago house and arguably dance music as we now know it. His sets take in proto house, italo, street soul and early garage, and move into soulful, electronic disco and banging house with a finesse that only comes with decades of dedication. His Parkway Mastermixes, a series of online mixes which collate many of Parkway’s releases and other pivotal gems, have been praised by the likes of Gerd Janson, Todd Terje and Prins Thomas amongst others.


Whilst Mark Seven has a slew of heavy hitters dating back decades, his most important tracks are always his more recent. In 2016, Ari Goldman launched World Building with Mark’s track ‘The Fatal Flaw in Disco’. For many, it became the anthem of the summer. And since then, Mark Seven has released killer after killer on Parkway, including two volumes of ‘Parkwerks - Hard, Raw and Raunchy Dubs’ in 2020 and 2021 that beg for sweaty dance floors communions to become a thing again. While we wait, Mark Seven is a beacon of authenticity promising better times ahead.

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Apartment 4/4


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2021: Mark Seven - Parkwerks Vol II, Parkway

2020: Mark Seven - Parkwerks Vol I, Parkway

2019: Parkway Rhythm ft Boyd Jarvis - Broad St Pressure, Parkway

2016: Mark Seven - The Fatal Flaw in Disco, World Building

2014: Mark Seven - My Caesar, People Must Jam

2014: Parkway Rhythm - The Answer, Parkway

2014: Mark Seven - The Call, Parkwest

2013: T-Kut - Let Me Take U, Parkway

2013: The Fyre Krew - Hard Times (Break Free), Parkway

2012: Parkway Rhythm - Midnite Special, Parkway

2012: Librah - 2BWU, Parkwest

2012: Apartment 4/4 - The Isms, Parkwest

2011​: Parkway Rhythm - Working Girl, Parkway

2010: Mark Seven - Pillow Talk, Endless Flight

2009: Mark Seven - Travelogue EP, 12 Inches of Delight

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