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Gayance, pronounced ‘guy-ence’, is a creole word for joyfulness. An apt description for the unapologetically joyful Aïsha Vertus’ musical project. The DJ, producer and radio-maker’s Haitian roots are a driving force for her explorations in sound and space. Her sets are a journey through Black music from all corners of the globe, delivered with raucous energy.

Born and raised in Montreal-Nord, Gayance is a traveler, having found her artistic family in Brussels and her musical family in São Paulo and Salvador, Bahia - places she returns to regularly. She has torn down festival and club venues in more than 18 different cities in 4 different continents. She collects a large variation of music on vinyl, from Afro-Latin Jazz, North American Black music, Caribbean vintage sounds and West-African music to Black Electronic music from Detroit, Chicago and London. She showcases these sounds in her monthly residency on Radio-Canada, on her show "Nouveaux Sons”.

Gayance self-released the brilliant EP ‘No Toning Down’ in 2020, and followed up with ‘Sirens feat. KALLITECHNIS" on Sherelle’s label Beautiful Music in 2021. 2022 will see her release an album of original music. Goddess only knows what 2023 could bring. Gayance has a mind to move us, and to surprise us - and she is set to do just that.


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Montreal, CA/Brussels, BE

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2021: Gayance - No Toning Down

2021: Gayance - Sirens ft KALLITECHNIS, Beautiful

2021: Gayance & Kayta - Kinda Strange

2021: Gayance & Dapapa - Ritmo

2021: Gayance & Gal Costa - Fruta Gogoia